Conditions treated

Hilary is happy to treat patients with any of the following conditions, or even none of them!  You don't have to be unwell to feel the benefits of a relaxing Bowen session. If your particular problem is not listed, please feel free to call Hilary for a no-obligation chat, or drop in an email. All details on the contact us page.
  • musculoskeletal problems - aches and pains anywhere, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, RSI, sprains and strains, back pain, neck pain, joint pain
  • stress / anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • migraine
  • vertigo
  • sinus problems
  • fibromyalgia / lupus / other complex conditions
  • period problems
  • baby colic
  • psoriasis / other skin problems
The Bowen Therapy Professional Association website ( ) has testimonials for many conditions which have been reported to respond to the Bowen technique, and please see Hilary's testimonials page.

Hilary is now also treating patients with lymphoedema affecting arms or legs.
Clients with leg oedema are required to contact their GP or oncologist prior to booking a session to request a Doppler scan to rule out DVT. This is mandatory for leg work, to ensure client safety.