SP emailed after a handful of sessions over 10 weeks for hip, knee and leg pain, plus issues with sleeping.

I really want to thank you for the wonderful kindness, compassion and professionalism you have shown during my recent series of treatments. When I first attended I was in considerable pain and distress due to bursitis in my hip and arthritis in both my knees and the referred pain down my legs. My sleep was very poor and I was in a bad emotional and mental state. You were so thorough in your assessment of my condition and went on to investigate, not just the current symptoms, but the underlying history and potential causes of the problem. You tailored my treatment session by session, making adjustments after detailed questioning on my progress. After 10 weeks I have improved to the point where I can walk without pain and the recurrence of the bursitis is rare and considerably less painful. My sleep has improved so that I am in a better emotional and mental state. I also want to commend your honesty. From the beginning you stated that you would only continue to treat me as long as you believed you could improve my condition. From my experience that is a rare approach. I know now that I can return to you at any time in the future for further treatments should they be needed. This gives me great confidence and reassurance. Thank you for all you have done.
You are also a wonderful listener. I cannot believe how much we have talked about and the help you have given in other areas.

AH emailed after a handful of sessions for lymphoedema  and stiff ankle
A brief update about my swollen leg which you treated before Christmas. I have been following the exercises you gave me twice daily and have found a big improvement.
The swelling has just about gone and the movement up and down is virtually back to normal. I have been fitted for a stocking which I can wear if the swelling reoccurs in hot weather.
I am delighted with the improvement as I am back to walking at my usual pace.
Thank you so much for your help and advice. I'm a very satisfied customer!

POG said after his first session for neck pain
'I don't know what you did!?....' but he had been 'brilliant' since the first session, and was well enough to go back to work THE DAY AFTER that. Following his second session, he was well enough to phone and cancel the third, as it was not required.

KD stated at her second session for back pain
'I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed' and 'you've worked wonders!' 

EO emailed regarding her severe back pain
My story:
From injuring my back over 3 years ago resulting in 6 months off work I have been for physio, MRI scan's and on medication. The pain in my lower back, hip and sciatica in leg meant I was on a cocktail of painkillers which consisted of tramadol, ibruprofen, naproxen and gabapentin. I have been on tramadol for over 2 years taking 100mg in the day and 50 mg in the night. I recently had a further MRI scan where I was very anxious to get off tramadol and do something else to manage the pain.
From being a member at a golf club (walking helps) I was recommended seeing Hilary from others who have been.

When I first saw Hilary we discussed the type of pain, symptoms and levels and the most reassuring thing was that she advised that if after 3 treatments I see no difference then the treatment is not for me. We then completed the Bowen treatment. 

Well what can I say - 3 treatments completed and the results are:
After 1st treatment I halved my tramadol pills to 50 mg in the day and 25 at night with not much difficulty.
2nd treatment - I came off my tablets completely! The results have been outstanding - the only down side I have had was to suffer with terrible withdrawal symptoms from coming off the tramadol. 
3rd treatment - remaining focus on my back but also focusing on the withdrawal in my legs and stomach (cramping)

I am pleased to say from trying numerous alternative remedies and treatment I would have never expected the results I have had. The treatment and results have changed me and my life style, no more does my back determine what I can do or cant do and now I go about work and and home life as I used to remember before the injury.

I hope my story helps with anyone like me who is struggling to manage pain on a day to day basis and it almost/is controlling your life to try this treatment and visit Hilary to see if this can help you.
I cant thank Hilary enough for the amazing results I have had an helping me through this and I know that if my back ever feels uncomfortable I can arrange a session to help me continue with being tramadol free!

Thanks again 

LK sent me a text after two or three sessions for pregnancy related pelvic pain:

Texting just to say how this treatment is working amazingly. I must admit I was a sceptic, but I can't deny the fact that I haven't had to use crutches for over a week now thanks to your treatment!! Been singing your praises to those who've noticed I'm walking crutch free.

I messaged her to say thank you, and she replied:
It's the truth. I told everyone you do more than just the physical therapy. You listen!!

RK sent a text after the first session:

Hi Hilary, I don't think I'll be needing the session we booked in for Wednesday.Since yesterday my neck and shoulders have been fine! Very impressed.Thanks a lot for your help.

JH emailed after three sessions for a neck/shoulder problem:

Can I cancel my appointment for next Tuesday? I feel so much better and I thank you for what you have done for me. No pins and needles and so much more relaxed!! I will be in touch again when I need more Bowen therapy.

LK sent a text after his first session for back, leg and knee pain, plus poor sleep:

I think it's working. I slept for England last night and woke with no back or leg/knee pain. Thank you.

LK also sent a text after one session on his recently-cricked neck

More great news Hilary. Neck is completely better. Full movement side to side & up & down. No pain or discomfort at all. Thank you so much.

PL wrote:

I suffered excruciating, sudden-onset pain in both hips which resulted in me having limited mobility.

 A friend suggested that I give Bowen Therapy a try and recommended Hilary. I went to the first session with an open-mind. The session was enjoyable and relaxing. Immediately after the session, I felt fantastic as though I was ‘walking on air’. The pain disappeared and I walked out of the session in comparison to hobbling into it. The pain did not return.

 For many years, I have had difficulty with sleeping; my sleep was constantly broken due to hot flushes and I would regularly get up out of bed five times per night. For the first time in years, I enjoyed a peaceful night’s sleep on the night that I had my first session.

 I decided to go back a week later and have a second session. I continue to be pain-free and to enjoy good quality sleep (about seven hours per night without interruption). I am enjoying life. I no longer notice the hot flushes at night as I sleep through them.

Although I sought Bowen to resolve the issue with my hips, it has improved many areas of my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Hilary’s services again the future. I strongly recommend it to you all.

NB wrote -
I went to Hilary Farrer on the recommendation of my GP for a back that pained me when doing tasks such as emptying the dishwasher, a complaint that many men would love to have!
With little faith that slight adjustments from this reassuring woman would have effect I was amazed. I have not felt my feet for many years due to diabetic complaints. After 3 visits I have 70% feeling!
The back? I can now empty the dishwasher.

SH sent a text -
Hi Hilary, please can I cancel tomorrow night's appointment for the baby? [had colic and used to cry 6pm to midnight] Things have really improved over the last few days, she's so much  more settled and actually going to bed at about 8.30 pm. Thank you so much. I think the Bowen has really helped her........I'm really pleased too, just so glad to see her content in the evenings.

LE wrote-
I am a teenager and because I have hypermobility syndrome, I experience constant pain in many of my joints, chronic fatigue, sleeplessness, tension and digestive difficulties. Following my first Bowen session, I had my first pain-free weekend and felt energised. I had four sessions, each a week apart. I noticed a disappearance in pain most of the time and when it returns it is much diminished. I began to sleep much better and the tension I carried around in my body greatly reduced. I have not experienced abdominal or oesophageal discomfort since having the Bowen sessions.
The Bowen sessions are very enjoyable. They are deeply relaxing. Each time that I have had a session I have felt very sleepy.

AE wrote - 
I am nineteen years of age and was recommended to give Bowen a try as I have mild Tourette's, anxiety and difficulties sleeping. I went along with an open mind, although my nature tends to be sceptical. I thought I'd give it a go, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I had two Bowen sessions spaced at a week apart. Each session relaxed me to the point of falling asleep! I have never felt so relaxed and the feeling stayed with me following the sessions. I didn't notice any motor or vocal tics. I began to sleep well.
The sessions have taught me how it feels to be tension-free and now when tension starts to build I can recognise it and ensure I take steps to curtail it.

SJ wrote-
I consulted Hilary for a nagging pain in my shoulder which had persisted for over 2 years and not responded to traditional physio exercises and even some bone-cracking osteopathy. She used the Bowen technique on me. I found the treatment very pleasant and relaxing but was frankly sceptical that it would actually cure the pain. I felt nauseous after the session and the next day there was no change. However, the day after that I realised by mid-day that the pain had actually gone! There then followed a busy gardening weekend - and it still did not reappear. It is over a week now since my first session and I am still pain free. Nobody could be more surprised - and delighted than me! I thoroughly recommend Hilary as an excellent, exerienced practitioner, and Bowen as a surprisingly effective treatment.

DMM wrote - 
I had 3 issues prior to commencing Bowen  - pain in the hip (undiagnosed and resistive to treatment for a couple of years), carpal tunnel syndrome, and psoriasis.
Bowen treatment was equally relaxing and effective. The result on the hip pain was immediate, and has been lasting. I have been pain free for several months. 
Improvement from carpal tunnel has been significant and lasting, and my range of movement has been vastly improved.
Psoriasis showed considerable improvement within one week.
I had 3 sessions which were conducted to a high professional standard, and would not hesitate to recommend both the treatment and the therapist. Bowen rocks!!!

TM wrote - 
I had a bad left shoulder. Saw Hilary on 3 occasions for this. I had instant relief and it was much improved following the  3 sessions.

HG wrote - 
I received 3 sessions of Bowen for sciatica which was giving me a lot of pain in my lower back and legs and affecting my mobility.
I was initially quite sceptical about how the techniques used in Bowen therapy could help, but after the first session I noticed a definite improvement and after 3 sessions I was back to full health!
I would definitely consider further Bowen treatments if my problem should return, but 1 year on I have not had any further back problems

JH wrote - 
I had what I would describe as a frozen right shoulder. It would give me sharp pain when I tried to move my arm in certain positions.
I am a Police officer and I ride motorcycles at work. I found that the problem with my shoulder could restrict my movement in the more physical aspects of my work.
In my spare time I like to work out and again, the problem with my shoulder restricted the type of training I could do without causing me pain.
I had three sessions of Bowen with Hilary and was given instruction on extra exercises I could do in my own time.
Since the treatment eighteen months ago, I have not had any pain in my shoulder and I have full movement of the joint with no problems.

RA wrote - 
Problem 1 - heavy, painful period lasting 10 days
Problem 2 - back ache
I had to be in bed at least one day when starting period due to pain - paracetamol and ibuprofen not made much difference......cramps +++......difficult at times to walk.
Had one session after which pain and heavy period reduced. After having 3 sessions, period is more regular and pain has reduced completely. Feeling much better now.

Back pain reduced immensely after 3 sessions. Feel much better.
I feel Bowen technique has helped me immensely. Would highly recommend - also the therapist was great.

SC wrote - 
I had painful legs after some training at work. I had one session of Bowen.
No pain after the session. Very beneficial!

HW wrote -
Migraine was my problem. Only had 2 sessions and it felt much better.