Changes due to coronavirus


The clinic is cleaned with a bleach solution between clients, for this reason there is a 30 min gap between appointments now, resulting in fewer appointments being available during each session.


Hilary will be in surgical mask, visor, pinny and gloves during your appointment. Clients are required to arrive in some form of face covering and keep it on throughout the appointment.

On arrival

Clients will have to run through a quick health questionnaire each visit to ensure they are not experiencing any signs of covid infection.

Temperature is also checked.


Can now be made by direct banking, account details available on request. If this is not suitable, payment by cash or cheque is still acceptable. Receipts and next appointment details can be emailed to avoid need for paper transfer between therapist and client.

After your session

You are advised to go home, shower and hair wash, then dress in different clothing, laundering what you wore during the session before wearing again.

Please be aware

Hilary works in a hospital and cannot guarantee she is not coming into contact with covid patients before seeing you. She has seen many positive patients through the pandemic, but has not yet had covid herself (unlike many colleagues). Hilary gets changed out of uniform at work, puts on travveling clothes, thenshowers and hair washes immediately on arrival home before putting on home clothes. PPE is worn at the hospital and at the Bramhall clinic. Hand washing is frequent and thorough. Every precaution is taken.